Here are the answers to a few common questions.

  • How long do projects take from start to finish?

    We allot spaces in our schedule for one small and one large new project at a time. We also have standard consultation and meeting openings. Keeping this small schedule allows us to work with your timeline to get projects done fast and assure that you get our full attention and creativity. Our largest time constraint is usually receiving materials from the client. If you have your text, images and data ready to go we often can complete graphics in 2 weeks and standard websites in 30 days.

    What if I need to make large changes and edits?

    We have an editing and review process built into every contract and you can always file a service request at a future date to make additional changes. We do reorders of graphics with editing as well if you need the same materials year after year or can supply you with the master files for your own editing.

    Do you provide expedited or emergency Service?

    For a fee I do provide emergency service that is met by me or one of my assistants. Emergency services are provided within 24-48 hours and should be booked online along with an upload of any screenshots or media that we will need to complete the project.

  • How do print orders work? How fast can I get it printed through you?

    If you choose to have us print your order we will offer standard and expedited shipping options. We can also offer a "bulk" option where we can include your order with one large order we place generally every other month to get you a larger discount. We do not charge any additional fees for having your order printed just what the printer charges us and the shipping. 

    Do you work internationally?

    Yes. We prefer to work locally one on one with clients but we do often work on a national or international scale. We prefer at least one webinar meeting for these projects so that we can ask questions and make clarifications as needed.

    What happens if I don’t like it? Can I get a refund?

    Due to the fact that we purchase additional graphics, fonts, photos and media for your sites and graphics we charge a small non-refundable deposit usually of 10%. If after the project is completed you do not love it we will redesign it for free or you will not need to pay the full contract amount. Our work is always guaranteed and we strive to assure our 100% satisfaction rate.