Sonoma Dreams Now Accepting New Clients

After a year long hiatus Erin returns from her family leave and we are now accepting new clients for the coming second quarter.

Welcome to the return of full services from Sonoma Dreams Marketing.

We want to thank all our clients and colleagues for their patience during the last year while our lead designer took some time for her family. Here are a few words from Erin on her return to accepting new business starting this spring. 

"A year and a half ago I decided that I needed to spend more time with my growing family and focus on personal wellness while having a second child. We are happy to announce the birth of Luna Q. Prieskorn this January and with that comes a time of renewal in both life and business for me. I am ready and excited to welcome new clients to the Sonoma Dreams family and have great ideas for some amazing new ventures. Please feel free to recomend me to friends and family and email to inquire when new slots will open up. Thanks again for everyones understanding in this time and I look forward to hearing from you all about where life and business has taken you in the last year!" 

Erin will be on Maternity leave with her new baby until April 2016 and will begin scheduling space for new clients starting May 1. There are two pending projects waiting for space at this time so please email us soon if you would like to begin a new project with us this year and we would be happy to put aside the dates you need.